Advantages Of A Female Photographer

female wedding photographerPhotography is somehow still a male dominated field, and sexism is very much present in today’s society though it has definitely decreased. Gender obviously changes how one is treated in the workplace, but for some it becomes an advantage. The physical requisites to be a good photographer quite favor males, but that isn’t the only thing that defines a good photographer. There are several female photographers that show expertise and competency when it comes to capturing the important moments of an individual’s lives. Her portfolio just shows how advantageous it would be to hire a female photographer.

There is a kind of security and calmness that a woman’s presence triggers.

It could be her feminine nature and instincts that somehow pulls people in. In taking photos of the significant highlights of our lives, we must learn to trust and depend on photographers. For brides, having a female photographer can make one comfortable and natural which would result to better pictures, so it’s significantly easier to shoot weddings when you are a woman. If you’re having an infant photo shoot, a woman’s presence could also calm the child since the primary caregiver, the mother is a female. It would also be easier to deal with the child who can be fussy, and may act different when a male photographer is present. Female photographers are also suitable for intimate shoots, such as family portraits and pregnancy shoots, or gender sensitive shoots. Try visiting  and see her portfolio. She works with different kinds of people and the aforementioned sensitive topics, so if you’re thinking of having one of those kinds of shoots, consider Joanne Blackman . In shooting family portraits the photographer is usually made to go inside the family’s house.

Most families are actually at ease when booking female photographers for these kinds of shoot.

There is a kind of ease that could be absent when booking male photographers. If you’re planning on having a pregnancy shoot, booking a female photographer could also be a good choice. Since you are going to pose nude and with all indications of being pregnant, you would be most at ease if you have a female photographer. If you hire a male photographer for this specific shoot, it could make you self-conscious and anxious and would eventually ruin the whole shoot and photos.

Female photographers could also give a different insight or perspective in regards to public or general subjects. Since photography is a male dominated field, a woman’s perspective can offer a variety of opinions, ideas, and insights that may help in getting amazing photos on your important day. One rather comedic advantage of female photographers could be that they can take pictures of anything, anyone and at anytime, anywhere without being judged or mistaken. Take for example taking a candid shot of a woman and her child at a park. If it was a male photographer that was taking the photo, he could be accused of harassment and called a pervert or a creep. However, if it was a female photographer, she would be left alone and not judged at all.