Documentary Style Wedding Photography

documentary wedding photographyWhen it comes to wedding photography, there are a lot of diverse styles available to suit the different needs of individuals. So if you find yourself in the process of planning a wedding with the wedding photography being the next thing to decide on, you might also want to take a look at the different styles available. The different styles available can fit into any wedding theme or decoration.

The wedding photography styles available range from the more popular traditional style to the formal and creative style.

However, when it comes to wedding photography styles, documentary style is possibly the most hands-off style and least obtrusive when it comes to capturing moments of the wedding day in a very natural way. Documentary wedding photography allows the loved ones to remember the activities of the ay just as they unfolded as it is compiled in a chronological manner.

Here, the documentary wedding photographer sees no need to gather everyone together in different poses in a bid to take pictures.

Instead, the documentary wedding photographer connects with both family and friends and follows the actions and emotions of the day with feeling the need to orchestrate events. The documentary style places emphasis on narration and context so as to build a comprehensive story of the wedding day starting with the preparations by the wedding couple right to the moment when the cake was cut. The idea behind this is to create images that focus on the capture of real moments just as they occur. For examples or portfolios on the documentary style, check out

By the nature of documentary wedding photography, the photographs that are eventually produced end up being works of art that can be treasured for a long period of time. Most couples tend to appreciate the style more than others due to the fact that they are not made to set out time for pictures to be taken and rather, the day is allowed to proceed naturally without all the fumbles and poses that the traditional style demands for. Here, the bride, the groom, family members and guests are allowed to bask in the activities while ignoring the camera.

The documentary wedding photographer takes the task of storytelling serious as the aim of the pictures being taken is to create an album similar to a story book which tells exactly how the day was like not that it was an event that just took place. To be able to achieve this style of photography, the photographer needs to have professional skills and refined talent to be able to make the story of the day shine through in the final pictures. You must note that the style of photographer does not mean the guests will be trailed and the camera will be clicking non-stop just like paparazzo.

The wedding photographer just needs to have his camera at the ready to capture vital moments as they occur while still trying to stick to artful storytelling. The best shots are taken when the observant photographer sees a precious moment unfold.