Five Things the Bride Must Never Do as the Edinburgh Wedding Approaches

wedding photographer EdinburghWeddings can be quite emotional, as a matter of fact; tears are bound to flow on such days. However, it is essential to take steps that would determine if the tears would be those of joy or those of pain. One thing a wedding photographer Edinburgh certainly does not want to see while processing the images in his lab is the picture of sorrow and tears.

It is however imperative to note that the Bride’s happiness in a wedding is equal to happiness for everyone else, in fact, there is a saying that “if the Bride is not happy no one is happy.” Therefore every would-be wife must but some measures in place so as to avoid any catastrophe on the big day.

Never, ever invite your ex-boyfriend

the stage is set, you are about to get married to the love of your life, the guest list is being compiled and just suddenly, you remember your teenage boyfriend, your first love, the one to whom you lost your virginity, at that moment, a thought occurs to you, “why don’t I invite him? After all, we are no longer dating” in case you do not know, that is a very, very bad move! Your fiancée certainly does not want to have the feeling of someone competing with him a few days to the big day. You would certainly do yourself a whole lot of good by deleting his name from the guest list even if he is the only wedding photographer Edinburgh has to offer.

Don’t get fat!

It just a week to the big day, the wedding dress has been bought and paid for, the guest list has been finalized, and the invitees notified, just then you begin to freak out, you are scared and anxious, you don’t know how to suppress your feelings, you resort to eating just one bar of chocolate, then two, then a bowl of ice cream, then just a pack of Pizza, however, you do not realize that you seem to have added a few pounds here and there. It’s just two days to the wedding, and you decide to try on your beautiful wedding dress, just then you realize that you can’t get your whole body in, you get scared and confused, certainly by now you realize that there is no supplementary budget, and the wedding funds have almost run out, you guys have not even paid for the services of the best wedding photographer Edinburgh has to offer. Try as much as possible not to get fat before the big day; the food can surely wait till after the event

Avoid unpleasant people

A wedding is meant to be a day of joy and not for mourning hence the bride’s disposition is very important in this regard. Hence, the bride will do well, by avoiding anyone who might affect her joy. As a matter of fact, some people delight in upsetting people everywhere, from the Train station to the gas station to the local supermarket. You would be doing yourself a whole lot of good by staying away from such spoilers.