What Props Newborn Photographers Can Start With

newborn photographyNewborn photography is probably one of the most interesting and fun niches of photography that you can get into. It may also be something lucrative at some point. It will absolutely surprise you how many parents are willing to pay top dollar in order for you to be able to document something as magical as the first few days of their baby’s life. At this particular time in their lives, everything is still kind of hazy and blurry for the parents. They are barely able to get any kind of sleep and the quality of sleep they get is also pretty lousy. However, if this is something that you will be able to pull off without a hitch, the results can actually be pretty amazing and breathtaking at some point. Props can be pretty amazing when used the right way and can really help newborn photographers who are just starting out in exploring this particular leg of newborn photography.

Faux furs

Faux furs are great props that you can try out if you do not know where to start. They look great in the photos and they feel great to the touch. It is practically the perfect equation already. Faux furs are absolutely perfect for you to invest in and you can basically pair them off with just about anything and everything. They offer tremendous comfort to the baby because of the fact that they are thick and substantial enough to be stuffed in baskets, crates, and so on and so forth. They are thick and they look classy as ever. They can be used as flooring or as a decorative blanket. They are also thick enough to keep the baby toasty and warm so when you come to think of it, faux furs can pretty much get everything covered for newborn photographers out there.

They can be purchased online and even at yard sales. If you are lucky enough to be able to shop in all of the right places, you can even buy your faux furs by the yard. Faux furs are notorious in harboring dust particles and all of that other gunk out there though so make sure that you wash everything thoroughly and let them hang dry after every single use.


You should also invest in a pretty wide assortment of hats.One good run with a really great set of hats will leave you practically addicted to hats at some point. Hats can really make really great looking props and can sometimes even be that nice extra little pop of color to a somewhat fairly neutral backdrop. Sometimes, it would be nice if you ask the parents if there is anything that they would prefer.

Have a pretty good selection available and let them choose if there is anything that they would like the most. What you would like to go for is something that is soft and stretchy. You will want to go for something that will not chafe the baby’s head and something that is not too tight as well.