Common Ways Tripods Are Misused In Wedding Photography

tripodTripods can be extremely useful in wedding photography. The seasoned veterans in the field will tell you that if there is anything that is worth investing in apart from your camera and continuing education, it would have to be the purchase of a high quality tripod. You will be purchasing a lot of things when you are starting out with your career in wedding photography. Those things are usually quite costly and expensive, when you come to think of it. You have cameras to worry about. There is an emphasis on the plural form of the term because you will need more than just one camera, for insurance and in the event that something happens to your main camera. And so, in a sense, things will be extremely costly. And it is because of this fact that people will tend to lean more towards the cheaper side of things.

Investing in flimsy tripod

Investing in a flimsy tripod is a big mistake. You are not only most likely to end up having to buy another one every so often; you will also end up endangering your expensive camera gear. A flimsy tripod means that it can be tipped over by the slightest gusts of wind. And that could mean demise for the gear you have invested so heavily upon. Buy one high quality tripod today and you might not need to buy another one possibly within your career.

Not using it

Another way that the tripod is commonly misused in wedding photography is by not using it at all. Leaving your tripod behind is an extremely unwise thing to do. After all, you bought a tripod for a reason. You might as well do well enough to make sure that you actually bring it with you in the wedding events that you are asked to cover.

Although it may be true that a tripod can be a bit of a hassle to have to carry around with you all of the time, it is a small price to pay for the stability that it will be able to provide your camera as well as the highness of the quality of photos that you will be able to take. After all, your clients deserve nothing but the very best. Professionals like Berkshire wedding photographer always bring a tripod when shooting a wedding. They are paying top dollar for it, after all. You need to make sure that you fill up your pipeline with extremely satisfied clients because they will be bringing you your referrals and that is something that can really improve your business in the long run.

Extending center column

One mistake that you should not commit would have to be the mistake of extending the center column of your tripod. Wedding photography basically requires different levels of perspective every now and then. You will only be able to get this if you are able to elevate the view of your camera without any kind of hardships, whatsoever. Extending the center column will leave your tripod a bit unstable and that is the last thing that you would like to do. Instead, you should extend the legs of your tripod first.

Common Blunders a Wedding Photographer Can Make With a Tripod

tripod usesEvery wedding photographer should learn and know how he is supposed to use his tripod. A tripod is one of the most convenient and useful accessories in wedding photography out there. In order for you to make sure that you are able to really make the most out of the tripod that you have invested in, you need to be well aware of what the common blunders are that a wedding photographer would usually commit. Most of the tripods out there have levelers that have some kind of spirit in them built right into the shoulder of the tripods. The levelers basically serve as indicators so that the wedding photographer surrey will be able to tell whether or not the legs of the tripod are level enough on the ground to make sure that the platform is level enough at some point.

Dismounting camera

Sometimes, the lazy habits that wedding photographers form throughout their careers may end up damaging their gear and that is something that you would not like to happen to you in any way, shape or form. If you happen to mount your camera on a tripod and you have to move to a different area or location at some point, make it a point to really dismount the camera first before you carry it upon your shoulders and move it around. Walking around with an extended tripod on your shoulders is putting your expensive and high quality camera at an extremely great risk. You might pass a wall and hit the camera against it, or the locked head might come lose and your camera will come crashing down. That is something that you do not want to do. The last thing you want to do is waste away thousands of dollars in investments just because you misjudged the length of the legs of the tripod or because you were too lazy to dismount it before you carry it around with you.

Balancing the weight

Another challenge that wedding photographers usually face when they use a tripod is when they mount a particularly long and heavy lens and camera on it; it tends to disrupt the balance. It can tip the entire tripod mount over and leave your gear to fall on the ground. That is something that you should avoid as much as you can and if you can help it.

The best solution for this would be for you to more or less balance the weight. Hang something heavy from the center column of the tripod so you can more or less balance it out. A camera bag is usually the most ideal and the most practical solution for this particular kind of weight. Time and time again, you will be required to mount a really long lens and for that, you should be prepared and well equipped. You cannot afford to waste away what you have invested in just because you have become a bit negligent. Instead, you should go ahead and assess everything ahead of time so that you can make sure that you are not doing injustice to your gear.