Advantages Of A Female Photographer

female wedding photographerPhotography is somehow still a male dominated field, and sexism is very much present in today’s society though it has definitely decreased. Gender obviously changes how one is treated in the workplace, but for some it becomes an advantage. The physical requisites to be a good photographer quite favor males, but that isn’t the only thing that defines a good photographer. There are several female photographers that show expertise and competency when it comes to capturing the important moments of an individual’s lives. Her portfolio just shows how advantageous it would be to hire a female photographer.

There is a kind of security and calmness that a woman’s presence triggers.

It could be her feminine nature and instincts that somehow pulls people in. In taking photos of the significant highlights of our lives, we must learn to trust and depend on photographers. For brides, having a female photographer can make one comfortable and natural which would result to better pictures, so it’s significantly easier to shoot weddings when you are a woman. If you’re having an infant photo shoot, a woman’s presence could also calm the child since the primary caregiver, the mother is a female. It would also be easier to deal with the child who can be fussy, and may act different when a male photographer is present. Female photographers are also suitable for intimate shoots, such as family portraits and pregnancy shoots, or gender sensitive shoots. Try visiting  and see her portfolio. She works with different kinds of people and the aforementioned sensitive topics, so if you’re thinking of having one of those kinds of shoots, consider Joanne Blackman . In shooting family portraits the photographer is usually made to go inside the family’s house.

Most families are actually at ease when booking female photographers for these kinds of shoot.

There is a kind of ease that could be absent when booking male photographers. If you’re planning on having a pregnancy shoot, booking a female photographer could also be a good choice. Since you are going to pose nude and with all indications of being pregnant, you would be most at ease if you have a female photographer. If you hire a male photographer for this specific shoot, it could make you self-conscious and anxious and would eventually ruin the whole shoot and photos.

Female photographers could also give a different insight or perspective in regards to public or general subjects. Since photography is a male dominated field, a woman’s perspective can offer a variety of opinions, ideas, and insights that may help in getting amazing photos on your important day. One rather comedic advantage of female photographers could be that they can take pictures of anything, anyone and at anytime, anywhere without being judged or mistaken. Take for example taking a candid shot of a woman and her child at a park. If it was a male photographer that was taking the photo, he could be accused of harassment and called a pervert or a creep. However, if it was a female photographer, she would be left alone and not judged at all.

How To Save Money On Food And Drinks For Your Wedding

wedding planningSaving money on food and beverages during the wedding can really turn out to give you a huge advantage at the end of the day. This can really make all of the difference in the world when you are trying to get things taken care of. You have to understand that a lot of money usually gets spend on food and drinks during the wedding and this is the type of expense that you ought to be careful about the entire time that you are planning out your wedding. It can be really easy to blow things way out of proportion and you need to really start looking out for the items on your food and beverage list for the wedding because this can really highly impact the way that your wedding budget pans out when it all comes down to it. Here are a few things that can help you out.

Don’t put out a sit-down dinner.

You don’t need all that money being spent on cutlery, plates, glasses and food hauled by the caterer from one place to the other in a place that you rented at a particularly high price. You don’t need any of that. Go for a restaurant meal venue and you will never have to worry about it spending too much for the caterer at the end of the day. You will only be spending for food that you and your wedding party consume. You don’t even have to rent out the place in most restaurants because they usually don’t charge anything extra for it. Think about this the next time you need to book a place for your wedding reception party.

You don’t have to settle for the fish and chicken all of the time.

You can play around with the money and opt for something that is far more possible and easier on the wedding budget that you need to work with at some point or so. Pork and beef are pretty great alternatives and they don’t cost as much as the usual favorites during wedding meals. Try to go for variety as much as possible because this can really turn out to make all of the difference in the world. Try to diversify your menu for the wedding meals because this can help you out a lot with your expenses when it all comes down to it.

Hire a professional photographer.

Get a great professional wedding photographer Belfast ( to document all of your wedding food. Once someone eats up the food, everything else is gone and you will not have anything left to remind you about how great it looks like and tasted. Getting someone to shoot great photos of the food can change the mechanics and can help you turn things around. You will see things start to turn around one way or the other. It can really turn out to make all of the difference in the world and you will see how things like this pan out when it all comes down to it.

Why Talking To People Can Help You As A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyAs a wedding photographer, you should be extra vigilant in discouraging your subjects from doing the infamous wave and smile while they are getting their portrait shots taken. This is not something that will turn out looking great in the final finished photos so you should avoid it at all costs. In a nutshell, portrait shots should look and feel a bit formal and poised.

Weddings are formal events, after all. You need to be the kind of wedding photographer who really goes ahead and really explains the purpose of the entire exercise in the first place. Tell them what they can do. On the flip side, proceed to telling them what they cannot do. The waving and smiling has got to stop. It may turn out looking cute for candid and informal shots but it is not exactly something that works for portrait shots.

You need to make them understand that portraits should be well put together as much as possible.

When it all comes down to it, you don’t really have a lot of things going for you as a wedding photographer when you are trying to take in your portrait shots one way or the other. You have very few elements to work with at that is why you need to make sure that you are able to think ahead of time. You need to be a few steps ahead of the game as much as possible. You need to make sure that as a wedding photographer, you will be able to really get things under control when you are more or less in the process of taking your portrait shots.

Talk to your subjects and give them a few pointers here and there if you have to.

They need to be able to wrap their heads around what kind of concept you are working under while you are getting their portraits taken during the wedding photography shoot. Give your subjects some idea about the right ways for them to pose and to position themselves all throughout the wedding photography shoot. They will really be able to appreciate the fact that their wedding photographer London has gone through such lengths to make sure that they are well informed all of the time and to make sure that they have a pretty clear path to take at the end of the day. This is something that you should really take the time out of your day to do because it will make all of the difference in your portrait photos.

You have to take note of the fact that more often than not, you are dealing with regular people.

You are not dealing with people who pose for cameras for a living. That is basically the main reason why a little help on your end can go a long way so don’t hesitate to try to coach your subjects in posing for your portrait shots. Information can be a very powerful thing if you get to steer it towards the right direction and that is exactly what you should be aiming for in your photos.

Budget Talk Points for Every Wedding Photographer

Use a tripod

wedding photographyOut of all of the other photography accessories out there that you can get your hands on as a professional wedding photographer, the tripod is one of the most useful and the most essential of all of them and that is why you should always go through the motions of checking this out as you go along with your equipment shopping while you are still in the process of getting started.

One of the trickiest things that you will ever get to talk about with your potential clients is the issue of money. Although this may turn out to be a really uncomfortable topic to have to go through with, it’s something that you need to pay attention to one way or the other because this is how you will be able to tell if you will be making a profit out of this agreement or not.

As a wedding photographer, you should always be on the lookout for a good profit.

If it’s not something that you are going to end up earning something from in the first place, there’s no point of going through with it. This is one thing that you really have to be quite tough on as a wedding photographer. If you turn out to be a pushover with one of your clients, you might turn out to be a pushover for the rest of your career and that is why it is critical that you always start things off the right way as a wedding photographer.

Talk about the budget.

Talk to your clients about the kind of budget that they are setting aside for hiring a wedding photographer for their wedding and try to see if it is ultimately something that you can work with or not. There is no point of wasting time and efforts in explaining and mapping out the service plan if you know for a fact and if your clients are already stating right out that they will not be able to afford it in the long run.

Go straight right to the gist of the topic.

Ask them straight out what kind of amount they are looking at. You should then proceed to the discussion of the services that you have along with the packages that have already been grouped depending on the kind of tier levels you may have for the prices. It’s important for your potential clients to know the reasoning behind your prices so that they will more or less be able to get a better grasp about the amount of time and work that goes into the kind of work that a Cheshire wedding photographer provides for his clients. You should also attempt to manage the expectations of your clients and let them know about how things are for as far as everything related to wedding photography. Unfortunately, there will always be clients whose expectations are a little bit overblown compared to the kind of budget they are bringing in so be their voice of reason in this discussion with the budget.

How To Be A Great Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerDo not miss any important shots

One of the most common mishaps that a wedding photographer could ever commit at the end of the day would be the cardinal mistake of missing any important shots during the wedding coverage. This is not something that a lot of brides and grooms out there will be able to easily forgive and this is definitely not the kind of argument that you would like to get into anytime soon. This is something that can take a turn for the worst in the blink of an eye and this is something that you should avoid by all means. Luckily enough for you, there is something that you can do to help avoid it at some point. What you should do well ahead of time would be to talk it out with the bride and the groom. Ask them for any important shots they think are absolutely required to make the wedding photography coverage a success. Ideally, you should be able to take away about thirty shots or so from your meeting with the bride and the groom. Feel free to add in a few items of your own. Once you have the list, you need to make sure that you are able to stick to the list and really follow through on the items that it contains to ensure that the whole exercise will be a success.

Put in a variation of lenses

If you want to make sure that you get the best shots possible, then the secret is in the variations of the shots that you are able to take. What you can do to more or less achieve this is to go for the most basic of lenses. If you are only starting out in the wedding photography niche, then what you can start with is with a couple of basic lenses. You will need a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. A telephoto lens will let you take close ups of people without actually being near them. You can actually take your photos from the back of the room and no one would be the wiser. A wide angle lens will let you take really great looking group photos without having to struggle in making the people fit into the view angle of the lens. Lenses can be really expensive though and the point of the matter is that money can be a really big issue for a new wedding photographer who is just starting out so if you do not have enough money to start off with two of these lenses, the perfect halfway point would be to go for a medium zoom lens instead. It does a little bit of everything for only a fraction of the price.

Get the names of the key players of the people you will have to work with as a wedding photographer hampshire. During the actual wedding day event, the bride and groom will not be readily available to answer any questions that you may have. It would be smart if you have a go-to person appointed by either the bride or the groom who can cater to your concerns when the couple is indisposed.

How To Blog In Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsCome up with a vendor list

One of the goals of your wedding photography blog would be for you to be able to keep in touch with the rest of the other vendors or service providers during the wedding that you have recently covered. At times, it would be a bit awkward to just reach out for no apparent reason. People will get the notion that you are just trying to keep tabs with them because you have an agenda. You have to understand the fact that you are dealing with strangers here. Reaching out to the vendors because of the fact that you have featured them in your blog post is a completely different story though and that is actually something that a lot, if not all of them will really get to appreciate at some point or so at any given time. Collating all of the information of the vendors may seem like quite a herculean task in the beginning but it is actually not as hard or as tiring as it may seem.

Have a second shooter

During the actual wedding event, have your second shooter go around and collect the business cards or contact info if all of the other vendors in attendance. This is also a pretty good chance and time for you to have your own business cards disseminated as well so that they will also have you in mind one way or the other. Write down the list of vendors at the very bottom of the blog. Include the live links to their own separate blogs right beside their names. That way, readers who may be interested in their services will get a chance to be redirected to their specific pages as well. Send out an email notifying them that they have been included or featured in your blog. This may seem like a really small gesture but something that a lot of people will really get to appreciate. You will be surprised at how these vendors will be more than willing to return the favor.

Work on your content writing skills

The content is basically the gist of the blog and it is the surrounding the focus that brings the images together at some point. That is the main reason why you really need to make sure that you get to learn how to write because this is an extremely useful skill at the end of the day. If you find yourself struggling quite a bit in the beginning, there is no need for you to worry. A lot of people out there are struggling with the writing aspect of things as well. Take it slow and just plow through it. Things will be really slow at first but they should perk up pretty soon for as long as you work long enough and hard enough on it. You can just start off with one comprehensive paragraph. Over time, you will notice that it will get easier and easier for you to write longer content in the future.

You need to blog about all of your wedding photography clients.

Again, the blog is all about the wedding photography gigs that you have worked on at some point. The goal is to show your clients that you, the wedding photographer essex, are quite capable to go through with the entire coverage. Your current clients will have something nice to look at and read about and your future clients will have something to check out before they even decide on hiring you.

How a Wedding Photographer Should Blog

The blog is for your future clients. wedding photographer

Every wedding photographer out there who has any hopes of launching a business and competing in this fairly competitive niche needs to understand the  fact that blogging should be a part of the routine in terms of how business processes go. As a matter of fact, the blog of a wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of his marketing plan, should he have a need to come up with any. It provides future clients with some insight into how you work and what your preferred photography styles and techniques are. It will also give them the confirmation that they need that basically says that you are capable enough to cover a wedding from start to end and you are able to do it seamlessly and without so much as a hitch.

Title the blog aptly

There are certain formulas that you would need to adhere with if you ever want to do the blogging right as a kent wedding photographer. One of the easiest things that you can work out when it comes to blogging would have to be how you title the blog. It is pretty simple and it is pretty simple to follow through with. The formula basically goes this way: you start with the names of the bride and groom, preferably just their first names so as not to make the title overly crowded. Then you add in the word “wedding”. You should then proceed to writing in the name of the venue and then put in the actual location of the wedding venue.

Take your patience with the writing.

One thing that you will have to really learn is how you should write concisely. It is perfectly understandable if this is not something that you may feel comfortable with at first, there is no viable reason for you to panic. After all, a lot of people are not comfortable with writing in the first place. Start off slow and take your time. It is important for you to make sure that you pace yourself and do not pressure yourself into anything too much. Build your writing up phrase by phrase and sentence by sentence. You will be able to go through this quite slowly but you will see that you will eventually build your momentum. You will get better and better at it over time. You just need to be patient with it.

Work on the image layout.

The image layout is one of the most important parts of the blog. Make sure that you lay your image out in such a way wherein your audience is interested enough to read on. The last thing that you would want to do is bore out your readers before they actually get to the gist of the blog. Take a cue from the professional wedding photography magazines out there. Be advised that all pictures deserve to be posted in full size.

Tag your images.

You will need to make sure that you put in some sort of description to your images. This way, you will be quite rest assured that Google will be able to index your images for search engine optimization reasons.