Easy Blog Tips In Wedding Photography

Understand the fact that the blog is for your future or prospective clients.wedding photography tips

Wedding photography is a trade or industry that comes with a variety of different skill requirements that can at times prove to be more challenging than others. A certain expertise in photography is a main requirement but that is not what we are trying to talk about in this article. Another side of wedding photography that obviously requires your attention at some point or so would have to be the need for a wedding photographer York to be well versed in the art of blogging as well. Blogging may initially sound as something superficial and something that is fairly optional but that is really not the case. When it all comes down to it, it is one of the biggest requirements for wedding photographers, other than their skill or knack for photography.

If you are new to the industry, you may not know this yet but your blog is actually one of the main and most important platforms for marketing and advertisement that you can ever get your hands on. It does not cost you a whole lot of money and your success rate depends not on the amount of money that you pour in but on the amount of time and effort instead. Although you will normally post about wedding events that you have recently covered, the main target of your blog posts is your prospective future clients and not your current ones.

Stick to a simple formula when it comes to the composition of your blog title.

The title is the very first part of the blog. There is no need for any fancy wordings or anything flowery when you are trying to compose your title. The simpler, the better. The best formula to go with would be for you to start off with the name of the bride, the name of the groom, the name of the wedding venue, and then the actual location of the wedding. Do not deviate from this particular simple formula because this is the most efficient one out there. You can always get creative with your content as well as with your layout but the title of the blog should always follow pretty much the same format. This is for the purpose of search engine optimization, more than anything else.

Learn how to write, no matter how hard it may seem at first.

Most wedding photographers will usually claim that the writing aspect of the blog is the hardest kind of skill to learn just yet. The thing is, writing is something that does not occur naturally to most people. It is something that takes more work and effort than usual. You need to make sure that you are able to come up with a substantial enough content for your blog for it to be able to make any kind of sense to begin with. It may take some time before you get the hang of things but it is something that you will eventually learn over time and practice.

Makeup Don’ts for Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsDon’t use fluorescent lighting when you are getting your wedding photography makeup done.

If there is anything that you need to know about wedding photography, it is the fact that lighting is everything. Fluorescent lights are harsh and they do not help in getting you the best possible kind of makeup out there. Try to get your makeup done in an area that has abundant amount of natural light. You will end up with something harsh and overly done and that is something that you do not want to do at all.

Don’t let the makeup artist go overboard with your makeup.

Wedding photography makeup should be about polishing your look and highlighting your features. You do not want to walk down the aisle and end up looking like someone else. Try to keep it simple and try to stick to the basics, if you can help it. Remember, it is your wedding and that means that you get to have the last say on how you will look like.

Don’t smear makeup all over your face.

Don’t put it on too heavy. People usually have this misconception that if you are getting photographed, you should pack on tons of makeup and that should make you come out looking great. That is not the thing with wedding photography. Keep the makeup light but long lasting. You have to remember that it is a long day. You don’t want to end up looking cakey at all.

Don’t go crazy with the color palettes.

You are probably getting a strong urge to go all out and avante garde but that is a really bad idea. Stick to a classic color palette. Go with the beiges, pinks, taupes, rose golds, and so on. Stick to that kind of color spectrum. You want something classy and elegant and loud colors do not give you that.

Don’t be too scared to go for a brighter shade of lipstick.

Brides usually make the all too common mistake of going too light on the lipstick shades. You can’t afford to do this in wedding photography. You will want to go for something that pops up a little in the photos. Pale lip colors tend to make you look washed out and uninteresting and you do not want that for your photos.

Don’t forget about your neck.

Don’t make that all too often mistake of covering your entire face up then forgetting about your neck. It will make your head look like it’s being put on top of your shoulders.

Don’t forget to go for long lasting makeup.

You will want to look for the kind of makeup that will last you all throughout the day. Go for waterproof everything, if you can. You need waterproof eyeliner, waterproof makeup, and try to go for an after-makeup spray that will basically hold everything together at somepoint.

Don’t go too dark on your eyes.

You will want add in some definition in your eyes without having them go all black. It will detract it from all of the other features on your face.

Don’t rush your makeup.

Great makeup takes time. Get your makeup done at least an hour ahead of time for proper application.